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About Medicard Ltd

MEDICARD Ltd. was founded in May 1991 in Sofia with main activities: import, export, re-export and wholesale trade in medicines, medical supplies, tools and equipment. We would like to introduce our selves as one of the first private Bulgarian companies dealing with disposable medical products, medical equipment and instruments. Specialized in the field of Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Invasive Cardiology, General Surgery and others.MEDICARD Ltd. is an exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of the manufacturers: Covidien , Sorin, BerlinHeart, and others. Medicard ltd. is a leading distributor of Medical products and Supplies for Hospitals and doctors offices. We distribute and sell a large variety of medical products which are organized based on categories. All the products can be identified by using the Manufacturer's Catalogue.

Medicard Ltd. has its own offices, warehouse and means of transportation.

Twelve emplyees are working in the company. Four of them are sales people in the medical field.

Medicard Ltd. maintains its own distribution network and works with subdistributors, too. We participate in tenders announced by the MoH, hospitals and the National Health Fund.

Some of our main customers are:

  -St. Ekaterina University National Specializing menHospital for Active Treatt;

  -St. George Multiprofile University Hospital for Active Treatment- Plovdiv;

  -St. Marina Multiprofile University Hospital for Active Treatment - Varna;

  -Military Medical Academy - Sofia;

  -Ministry of Interior Hospital;

  -Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases - National      Heart Hospital;

  -St. Sofia Hospital for Active Treatment of Thoracic Surgery - Sofia;

  -Second Municipal Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology Sheynovo, Sofia;

  -N. I.Pirogov University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency   Medicine - Sofia;

  -Private Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment "Tokuda" - Sofia;

  -University Multiprofile Hospital for active Treatment - Stara Zagora;

  -Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment (Neurosurgery) - St. Ivan Rilski, Sofia;

  -V-th Municipality Hospital, Sofia;

  -IV-th Municipality Hospital, Sofia:

  -District Hospitals in Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, Burgas, Sliven, Yambol, etc;

  -First Private Clinic for Cardiosurgery, Burgas;

  -Private Invasive cardiology centers, etc;

We operate as a representative and distributor on exclusive basis of the following manufacturers:

     Fehling Instruments, Germany
          -Surgical instruments

     Sorin Group, Italy

          -Heart Lung machines, heart valves, oxygenators, cannulaes, perfusion systems

     Berlin Heart, Germany

          -Berlin Heart GmbH develops, produces and markets innovative devices for mechanically supporting the heart.

We operate as non-exclusive basis of the following manufaturers:

     Covidien (Tyco Healthcare), USA

          -Disposable medical products for:

          -Operating room products;

          -Respiratory therapy;

          -Wound care;

          -Incontinent care;

          -Vascular therapy;




     Delacroix Chevalier / Landanger, France

          -Surgical instruments



1618 Sofia, Bulgaria 44 Ivan Susanin Str.