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iDrive™ Powered Handle

The iDrive™ Powered Handle is a battery powered, multi-patient, reusable, handheld stapler. It delivers push-button, one-handed operation of all primary controls, facilitating access and control throughout its application.

The Right Angle Linear Cutter is a single use reload, compatible with the iDrive™ Powered Handle. Its jaws open at a right angle to the shaft of the iDrive™ Powered Handle to enable deeper access and better visibility in the low pelvis.

The iDrive™ Powered Handle and Right Angle Linear Cutter deploys four rows of DST Series™ Technology titanium staples and divides in-between.

Features and Benefits

Ease of Access to Pelvis 1. Jaws perpendicular to shaft.2. Smaller head size.3. Staples & cuts in one device.
Precision and Control1. Push button deployment/reduced firing force2. Microprocessor controlled staple formation
Versatility 1. Combined Blue/Green Tissue Range2. Straight 45mm staple line
Reusable platform1. Reduced Medical waste / less land fill2. Inventory reduction

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