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V-Loc™ 180 Absorbable Wound Clousure Device

•    Secure: The unidirectional barbs precisely grasp the tissue at numerous points, providing distribution of tension across the wound.

•    Fast: The efficient barb and welded loop design speeds dermal closure by eliminating the need to tie any knots.

•    Effective: Potential to reduce knot-related complications.

Features and Benefits

The Covidien™ V-Loc™ 180 device uses unidirectional barbed technology to close wounds securely without the need to tie knots.



• Loop and barb combination

• Potential to reduce knotrelated complications • Significant time savings (more than 40%)* when compared to knot tying

• Unidirectional, shallow barbs with circumferential distribution

• Distributes tension throughout the wound • Grasps tissue at numerous points spreading tension across the wound • Evenly spaced barbs throughout the strand provide secure wound closure

• Welded loop design

• Anchors device securely at the beginning of the incision line, eliminating the need to tie a knot

• No change to standard wound closure technique

• Intuitive • Easy to use • Minimal learning curve • Potential to eliminate the need for third-hand assistance when closing complex wounds

• Unique circular shape • Needle held securely in optimal position

• Designed to minimize package related memory • Easy loading into needle driver with no need to adjust

• P-14 and P-12 Premium Cutting Needles with NuCoat™ technology

• Smooth, easy passage through tissue • Excellent multi-pass penetration for continuous closure

* Utilization of a Porcine Model to Demonstrate the Efficacy of an Absorbable Barbed Suture for Dermal Closure. Data on file.

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